Things I’ve learnt in Brazil so far….

Feb 11, 2014

Some random thoughts on things I have learnt and experienced in Brazil so far. In no particular order:

  • I’m privileged to be born in a safe place with enough food and water and access to education
  • Brazil’s politics are quite upsetting
  • Education is the key to change
  • We all generally ignore poverty… out of sight, out of mind
  • There are way too many people in the world
  • I take safety and health care for granted in Australia
  • There are more than enough resources in the world to share and help each other
  • We are all selfish
  • I miss work, but I love not working (ha?)
  • I am becoming very good at doing nothing
  • My feet like havianas
  • My feet don’t miss high heels
  • I forgot what wearing make up every day feels like
  • I like sleeping in (till 10am)
  • Not speaking the local language well, means you miss the sarcasm, subtle comments and gossip, which makes you judge less and like people a lot more
  • All the good people we met, far outweigh the bad
  • Melbourne traffic is not bad
  • Melbourne would be 100% better with acai
  • Acai with condensed milk is worth the risk of diabetes
  • Training is hard. Much harder to what I have ever done before
  • Every BJJ club has at least 5 black belts
  • I am the lightest, one of the shittest and one of the lower ranked belts at comp classes at Alliance
  • If you are late, you don’t train
  • You don’t talk, complain, pick easy rolls or sit out of rolls at Alliance
  • ALL good people drill
  • ALL good people watch BJJ videos and study
  • ALL good people ask questions
  • Black belts at Alliance are happy to share the knowledge with each other
  • World Championship gold medals don’t mean much, unless they are at black belt level
  • Competition level is super high
  • All competitors and team mates (male and female) have so far been respectful, friendly, helpful, complimentary and just plain lovely
  • I have more to learn that I think is possible
  • Since everyone defends my A game here, it has forced me to completely come out of my BJJ bubble and totally expand and change my game
  • I don’t care if you don’t like 50/50/berimbolo/any other new guard. If you want to be good at comps, you need to know it.
  • Blue belt and above ladies train hard with each other, go 100%, high five you if you beat them and laugh about it after
  • My ego took a beating and is now thrown in the rubbish tip somewhere
  • I really don’t feel like training when I am tired and sick of constantly having the floor wiped with me. But I train anyway
  • I get sad because I suck at BJJ
  • I get happy because I suck at BJJ
  • I am getting used to competing again
  • I am getting used to losing
  • Purple belt is just a beginner belt
  • Portuguese is hard, although I am succeeding more and more at actually saying bread, instead of penis (wrong accent)
  • Australian bikinis are way too big
  • Tapioca pancakes are the best thing ever
  • 37 degrees for 6 weeks in a row is my limit
  • I sometimes look forward to training only because there is air con there
  • My body can’t handle hard training twice a day. One hard rolling session and one drilling session is my max
  • I sometimes wish I was bigger
  • My fingers hate me and are about to drop off from too much spider guard
  • I really miss Australian coffee
  • I miss ciders
  • I miss my family and friends
  • I really like travelling with Lachface
  • I freak out that there is not enough time to get good at BJJ (hahaha)
  • I miss studying and professional development
  • Cutting weight is easier when not lifting heavy
  • My butt is way too small here
  • I am now writing way too much crap
  • I don’t want this trip to end

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  • Reply xguard February 12, 2014 at 12:18 am

    Love so many things listed here but this is my favorite

    “Not speaking the local language well, means you miss the sarcasm, subtle comments and gossip, which makes you judge less and like people a lot more”

    • Reply admin February 12, 2014 at 2:05 am

      Ha. I love that. I judge less, I like more and I get along with people more. It’s a really cool place to be.

  • Reply slideyfoot February 18, 2014 at 2:16 pm

    Ha – cool. Have you considered turning your trip experiences into a book? After all, it worked for Graugart with The BJJ Globetrotter: your writing is at the very least as accomplished as his, if not more so. 🙂

    • Reply admin March 26, 2014 at 8:54 pm

      Sorry Slideyfoot, just saw this comment… I haven’t thought about it, mainly because the quality of my writing is pretty atrocious, and I have a massive lack of knowledge in story development and I am a nobody….However, it is a pretty cool idea, maybe even worth investigating. To be honest though, I would have no clue on where to get started!

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