SUB Gis… and Merry Christmas!

Dec 26, 2012


Merry Christmas everyone!

I am pretty thrilled to have 10 days off work to rest up and re-charge my batteries. Also to eat, wake up late, drink coffee/beer and train until I can’t stand up anymore.

I am super excited about finally wearing my new SUB gis. The ones in photos are A0s. I am about 157cm and 55kg, and would probably fit better in an A00, specially the jacket, which is just a little bit too roomy around the shoulders and arms.

I am loving the feel and the look of SUB gis so far. The inside of the jacket is lined with a rashie material across the shoulders, which makes it super comfortable to roll in, especially on those hot days when I only wear a sports bra. They are light, but sturdy, and are definitely my favourite gis on rotation. My favourite to train in is the blue one, and the black SUB Pro Team edition gi just looks damn hot.

Get yours at www.subapparel.com  – great Xmas specials are on right now!

Blue Gi


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