Michelle Nicolini

Aug 26, 2012

Michelle Love

I feel like the luckiest girl alive. Last week, my awesome coach Thiago, gave us all an opportunity to attend a seminar by Michelle Nicolini. Michelle has been my female BJJ idol since I’ve started training 2.5 years ago. Mainly because she is around my weight, has similar dimensions, a game I really look up to and looks like a super nice girl.

Get that foot!

Understandably I was a little excited to meet her, learn from her and as a result acted like a complete fan-girl. I am usually not massive on seminars, as I have heaps to work on and learn every week already (in specific training) and pretty much have access to unlimited black belt knowledge in Lachie and Thiago and the old trusty YouTube. However, I loved Michelle’s seminar. It seemed to have fitted right into my game and I am working hard in utilizing the moves she taught us. The seminar covered warm up drills, then spider guard and x-guard sweeps and submissions. We also learnt and refined many foot subs, which has been very fun to try to pull off. The highlight was of course getting to roll with her.

I was so inspired and happy that I immediately booked a private to refine what I learnt as well as work on guard recovery, some half spider sweeps and omaplatas. I can’t recommend Michelle enough – if you have the chance to attend her seminar or have a private, then DO IT. She will teach you well, roll with you, and most importantly do it all with a massive smile on her face.

The black belt club

Since she was down for a week, we got to train and roll every day. I have to say I am pretty spoilt with the people I get to roll with lately…Michelle, Esther, Thiago, Lachie, Dave Hart…Yes, I am a very happy little blue belt. In saying that, none of that takes away the importance of specific training and drilling every week. That’s where I fail, get frustrated and stuff up all day until I learn the movement, timing, pressure and the correct reactions. And unfortunately, no amount of black belt-ness in my proximity will rub off on me unless I get my own butt into gear and do the work myself.

Specific Training

Next week, I will compete at the AGIG competition, followed by the Australian Champions Cup in Brisbane in mid-September. I am using these small comps to peak for the big comps with firm goals in mind for next year. Exciting chapter in my jiu jitsu of learning, trying new things and having a lot of fun with it.

Thiago and Michelle…my 2 favourite people

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