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AGIG @ australiangirlsingi.com

So if you have not heard of AGIG, or Australian Girls in Gi, then you have probably been living under a rock.

AGIG Day Camp II. Photo @ australiangirlsingi.com

AGIG was founded by Jess Fraser in 2010 with an aim to increase the numbers of Australian females participating in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at both club and competition levels. Bringing women together from all over the country for events, competitions, information sharing, support & training, the group is politically neutral and not for profit.

Liv and Jess

Jess Fraser is not only my awesome team-mate, friend and a training partner, but also a passionate pioneer in women’s BJJ in Australia. Her achievements go way beyond her 2nd place at 2012 IFBJJ Mundials and 3rd place at Abu Dhabi Pro… she has organised countless open mats, workshops, competitions, social outings and seminars for women. 

This year saw plenty girls participate in a 2 day camp, 1st annual AGIG competition and more recently free self-defense and situational awareness seminars. 

Mini Drysdale – the future of AGIG with Liv and Jess


As far as I’m concerned, I am a very lucky girl to be involved in such a positive group of ladies. Coming together and exchanging information, rolling and training together from time to time helps to bring the level of jiu jitsu in Australia. More importantly, the group has become a social outlet for the girls to share their experiences, ask questions, have a laugh and get together for sneaky drinks. I am proud to say I am friends with my opponents and competitors from many different clubs and support each and every girl in their own journey in this sport. 


AGIG Day Camp. Photo @ Jess Fraser


Please check out and support the AGIG website at www.australiangirlsingi.com to see what we are up to.  

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