Drysdales Training Camp, Las Vegas.

May 30, 2012

I arrived in Las Vegas a week ago, tired, cranky and jet-legged. However sleeping was not an option, so I joined my team mate Jess and other aussie boys for my first training session at Drysdales. During the Worlds Camp, there were 2 sessions per day, with time to eat and recover in between. Every session was tough, usually with a bit of technique, light positional sparring, followed by hard 8 minute rounds and finally 4 minute competition rounds. The 40 degree heat and slight altitude, certainly didn’t make things any easier. LA is at sea level, with temperatures in mid-20’s, so it is encouraging to know that nothing will be as tough as to what we have just done. The ice bath at the end of training was a life saver to help heal the aching bodies.

Ice Bath…ouch!

Today was our last hard session, before we jump in the car and drive to Longbeach, California tomorrow morning. If you are ever in Las Vegas and are thinking of training at Drysdale’s – you should. Robert is a great instructor and the sessions are tough and technical. Sophia is also there, always rolling and trying to help. Being a female and also a former gymnast, she completely understands my mentality, body shape/size and my approach to training. Having her to roll with and to point out my mistakes has been incredible.

The Drysdales

I am now looking forward to two days of rest and getting focused and ready to fight. I feel fit and sharp and am confident that whatever happens, I could not have tried any harder. I also cannot wait to see my fellow Maromba-ian Jess Fraser take on the world, my boyfriend Lachie as well as all the other Aussies showing off their jiu jitsu! We are certainly taking the Australian BJJ level higher and higher every year.

After training…as red as the mats!

I have gotten exactly what I needed out if this camp. Fitness is up, game plan is definitely there and some mistakes and concepts fixed. I have taken so much out of this trip already, it’s amazing to think how this experience will influence my BJJ in the future!

Stay tuned for updates!

Training at Xtreme Couture. THANKS SUB APPAREL!


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