Sep 5, 2012


“You only ever grow as a human being if you’re outside your comfort zone.”
– Percy Cerutty

I thought I’d let you know what my typical week looks like. This is what I try to squeeze in training wise in a week, as well as working full-time as a physiotherapist and some attempt at a social life. Sometimes I wish I could just train full time, but then I remember how much I also love my career (and making some money to be able to train and compete). If I could design my perfect week it would work 2-3 times a week, and train 2-3 times a day, including drilling, specific training, grip fighting and rolling. We can all dream…
Due to my varied hours at work, I am unable to come to all classes and I have to rely on my own training. I usually set a theme for the week, which may involve 3 different positions – eg. half guard grip fighting, a sweep and a submission. I am lucky to have a few different training partners who can come drill/roll with me.
Below are explanations of what each session entails and my timetable:
  • Class – with Thiago at Absolute MMA. Lots of drilling and rolling.
  • Specific Training – usually 1-2 hrs long. In my own time, with a training partner that’s willing to train with me. I like 5 min rounds, where when the objective is either achieved or lost, you start again from the same position. I find this is the ONLY effective way to learn where the mistakes are coming from and how to fix them. For most positions, I train both sides as well as top and bottom
  • Comp classes – either at Absolute MMA where hard stand up rounds make you totally exhausted or Renegdae with Lachie. Lachie’s class includes hard and fast drilling, full resistance specific training then competition rounds. This goes for 2 – 2.5 hrs and leaves me so pooped that I struggle to get of the couch for the reminder of the weekend
  • Open Mat/Rolling – usually rolling 6 min rounds, but I prefer specific training. Smarter training and easier on the body.


  • Monday:
  • Work – 8-6pm
  • Training – 6:30-7.30pm Gi class, 7.30-8.30 No-gi class at Absolute MMA
  • Tuesday:
  • Work – 8-2pm
  • Training – 3-5pm Specific training – a position I’m working on for the week and weights
  • Work – 6-8.30 pm at Old Xavier Football Club
  • Wednesday:
  • Work – No work, but spend 1 hr catching up on paper work and injury reports
  • Training: 9-10am drilling/specific training with Lachie or other team mates
  • 12-1pm lunch class at Absolute with Thiago then weights
  •  2-6pm – 1-2 hr roll with either Esther at Evolve, Dominance, No Limits, Absolute MMA or Malvern MMA
  • Thursday:
  • Work: 8-7pm
  • Training: 7.30-8.30 Gi Class at Absolute
  • Friday:
  • Work: 8-2pm
  • Training: Open Mat 5.30-7.30pm
  • Saturday:
  • Work: 9-1pm
  • Training: Comp training 2-4.30pm with Lachie (aka killer, exhausting, I want to vomit, keep  looking at the clock kinda class) or at Absolute MMA at 3.30pm
  • Sunday:
  • Usually rest and try to do as little as possible. Occasionally, I will do a bit of rolling or drilling.
So that’s my week. Sometimes I am too exhausted to do all the sessions, so I stay home eat and sleep instead. In the lead up to Abu Dhabi Trials and Pan Pacs I will be adding some more weights sessions (which is pretty much now).
Speaking of which, I’d better get off my butt and go train!

Taped up and looking like a pony

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