A Shameless Sponsors Shout Out? Why, YES!

Mar 8, 2015

Now before you all roll your eyes, let me tell you that I DO NOT feel ashamed to give my sponsors a shout out. They support me and I support them back. It’s a mutual relationship and this is how it works; I work hard for the help I get, and I want it to be worth it for the companies that choose to be associated with me. In the end everybody wins, including the wider community.

I won’t say I’m lucky to be teamed up with my sponsors, as I believe hard work, communication and putting myself out there has got me here. But I do feel lucky to be able to choose whom I work with and how I interact with my sponsors.

After winning blue belt worlds in 2013, MA1 Apparel came on board and has supported me ever since. Not only do I love their products, but Simon, who is the owner is one of the most generous and genuine people I know. In the process, he has become a business partner, my strength and conditioning coach and most importantly, a good friend. I see MA1 supporting the BJJ and MMA community by sponsoring events, athletes, clubs and doing little kind deeds such us lending  a car to get to comps or road trips. I hope we continue to work together for years to come.


Photo by MACOfoto

Photo by MACOfoto

Musashi/PowerBar came on board as my sponsors this year. I am part of the GenNext athlete program and am so far impressed at the professionalism and care they have shown me. Their supplements and protein is of the highest quality and their brand reputation is flawless.  I am happy to work closely with the Musashi nutritionist to make sure I get the best out of my training, recovery and performance. Make sure you come and say hi at the Musashi booth at the Arnold Classic Expo next Saturday in Melbourne!

Musashi 2Musashi 1

Absolute MMA & Conditioning has also supported me since winning blue belt Worlds. I have loved training there since the first day I stepped on their mats. World class facilities, instructors, management as well as incredible training partners make it a great place to train. In a fortunate turn of events, Lachlan and I opened an Absolute MMA branch in South Yarra a few months back. Just goes to show you never know the opportunities that can present to you given the right circumstances.

AbsoluteSouth Yarra 1

34s Core Tactics makes a delicious anti-bacterial shower gel. I really believe in their product and the people behind it. An innovative, professional, calculated and refreshing brand on the market. I love their clean, no bullshit approach to business and of course, the support they offer to their sponsored athletes, which I am one of. Check them out – you will be hooked!

Core Tactics34s Asian open 234s gel 1

Moral of the story? Support the guys that support us.

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