34S Core Tactics.

Dec 14, 2014

If you haven’t yet heard about the new kid on the block called 34S Core Tactics, well you should. It’s an anti-bacterial shower gel that works, feels and smells as good as it looks.

34s gel 1 34s gel 2

It is basically a heavenly mix of eucalyptus, tea tree and emu oils that doesn’t dry out your skin. It has anti-bacterial properties, which is perfect for after training and preventing skin infections.

And to top it off, the design, the bottle, the graphics look amazing.

34S is a hip, refreshing and a well-made brand, run by some incredible people.

Watch out for their clothing line coming soon, I can’t wait to get my hands on some sleek and sexy streetwear!

Lachie and I during 34s shoot

Lachie and I during 34s shoot

34s Asian open 2 Asian open 34 1

Check out their facebook page here.

The website is under construction, but will be launched very soon http://coretactics.com.au/

34 s japan medals


Yay for a new Australian brand. I am excited to see it grow and take over the world.

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