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Jan 18, 2015

About 3 months ago our dream of about 2 years has come true. Lachie has finally opened his own BJJ school under Absolute MMA & Conditioning in South Yarra , in Melbourne. After a very long time of planning, it all happened very quickly and before we knew it, Lach was teaching his first class.

lunch class open mat the gym

The club has gone from strength to strength since and 2015 looks to be an incredible year for us. Exciting things are happening such such Saturday BJJ video analysis and competition class, a new syllabus, kids curriculum, fundamentals, blue belt and above advanced classes, as well as very early morning training. I have gained some talented, friendly and technical training partners who roll, drill and specific train with me 6 x a week. On top of that I get to learn from and train with Lachie twice a day, every day. Somehow I am not sick of him yet.

ADCC lachie

I have been given the very exciting task of teaching Women’s only gi classes on Fridays. Can’t wait to develop this project, give back to the sport, help women find their place in the BJJ world and create a tough and technical competition team. When I started BJJ just 5 years ago, I was the only female in the club. Fast forward to now and there is an actual demand for ladies to all train together. We have an open door policy and anyone from any academy is always welcome to attend our sessions.

LG Absolute MMAgirls classgirls bathroom

It has been an amazing journey so far – we are lucky to have a great team around us, and kind and knowledgable business partners. Even though it has hard work and exhausting at times (we often don’t get home until 11pm from the gym), I couldn’t be happier to be living the dream.

Come check out our gym (timetable is here) – if you are travelling from overseas or interstate, we can help you arrange accommodation nearby.  Even though we have a strong competition team, the focus is always on technique, fun and learning.

after training

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