On Turning 30

Sep 28, 2014

I write this as I sit, sipping my coffee in between my training sessions and before work. So yeah. Life is pretty damn good.

If you asked me 10 years ago what I would be doing at 30, in my idealistic (and unrealistic) view of the world, I would have said this:

  • I would be in Antarctica celebrating my birthday. Because why not.
  • I would have a big house, a new shiny car and a bigger mortgage.
  • I would have my masters or a Phd.
  • I would probably have a husband and maybe thinking about kids.
  • I would have run a marathon by now.
  • I would maybe consider participating in or even competing in another sport besides gymnastics or cycling…just to add to my ‘Jack of all trades, Master on none’ motto.
  • I would look and act like an adult.

So far, none of these things have happened. I have failed at my apparent life goals (apart from the maybe trying another sport part). BUT I am loving life more than ever and couldn’t be happier.

It helps that I physically feel like I’m 20. Apart from my fingers, which feel like they are 80. I often show my patients my fingers if they complain about theirs. Truly disgusting. I also cannot handle more than 2 drinks anymore… is that a sign of ageing? But then again, I still get acne, so that brings me back to feeling like I’m just past my teenage years.

Anyhoo. What I wanted to say is that life will often take you to unexpected places. Sometimes things and events that happen are out of anyone’s control, but I consciously choose every choice that I do have. I may not own a house (yet), but I have incredible and life-changing memories from travelling, taking up jiu jitsu and studying. I am in love with every part of my life and it’s because I created each little bit of it.

Exciting things are happening now, such us Lachie opening up a school in the near future, me starting up my own business, and at the moment I am seriously considering doing my Masters by research or a Phd in physiotherapy next year. It so happens that I have a boyfriend who is an over-achiever (but would never admit to it), and who inspires me to never get stale and to always improve… in jiu jitsu and all parts of life. So I think with the amazing support that I already have and a healthy dose of self-belief, I can do all that whilst maintaining my highest level of training and to continue being competitive at a World stage.

I got to celebrate my 30th surrounded by my family and friends. If this is what being 30 is meant to be like, then I say, HELL YES to it all. What a wonderful place to be in.

Enjoy some photos from the last week. Warning. I am out of a gi. I washed my hair. I put my face on. I even did my nails. I even drank somme bubbly.

30 amy 30 dad eva 30 dom


30 lach liv 30 lach nice 30 lach weird 30 liv jul 30 mum 30 the girls30 jess

30 dad liv 30 lucy30 brekkie 30 lach lunch 30 rolls

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