GTA No Gi Australian Championships 2013

Jan 15, 2013



If you have been living under a rock in Australia or if you are from overseas, you may not have heard of the GTA (Grappling Tournaments Australia).

GTA create and host fully volunteer driven events allowing the freedom to give back to the BJJ community. This comes in the form of athlete incentives such as cash prizes, uniforms, supplements, apparel and most importantly travel to internationally ranked IBJJF competitions.

This time around, GTA is putting on a No Gi comp on February 2nd in Melbourne, Australia. Amongst other prizes, at least 3 males and 1 female will be selected to win flights and attend a training camp in the lead up to 2013 No Gi Mundials. If there are enough entries, another white belt  female and male will be selected too. On top of that, it also looks like some great black belt super fights are in store.

YEP, you’ve heard right! I am so excited about this. Not only do we get a chance to win awesome stuff, but coloured belt females have an open weight/open belt division  which makes things exciting and FUN!

For more info go to http://grapplingtournamentsaustralia.com/

Entries close soon, so don’t miss out!


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